It is perhaps the world’s most successful techno concept and has its origins from Amsterdam. The Gasometer in the Westergasfabriek to be exact. We are talking about Awakenings. It’s been almost twenty years since its inception and is growing at a rapid pace.
On March 30, 1997, the first edition of Awakenings held at the Gasometer in Amsterdam by Monumental Productions BV. Over the years there have been many changes with the Awakenings festival. After several years, the Gasometer went under renovation which led the organizers to go looking for a new location. Awakenings, therefore, took place several times at Now & Wow in Rotterdam
(currently known as Maassilo) and the NDSM in Amsterdam.
Techno genre has boomed in popularity in recent years. Not only in the Netherlands has increased the demand for this style of music worldwide. Considering the increasing popularity of the genre Awakenings expanded to cities like New York, visited London, Manchester, India, Santiago and Antwerp.
Coming Easter Awakenings is celebrating its 20th anniversary. And it’s going to be held at the same venue where it all started; The Gasometer will once again open its doors around Easter 13, 14, 15 and 16th April. Watch this space for more information on the milestone gathering.