2016 is the odds-on favorite for a Daft Punk reunion, here’s why

daft punk

A channel that has lain dormant for three years suddenly sparks back into life uploading multiple versions of Bangalter’s solo work to little fanfare. And we’re supposed to believe that ‘just happens’? Pull the other one.


Thomas Bangalter is a man obsessed with every minute detail of his art. Do you really think he’s going to start quietly publishing old material for no reason? There simply has to be an endgame here and, while new solo material seems the most likely, if you take it into account with the rest of the evidence below, it seems to point to the return of the robots.


Homework came out in 1997, Discovery in 2001, Human After All in 2005, Tron: Legacy in 2010, Random Access Memories in 2013. OK, bare with me on this. The first three studio albums come in four year breaks. Then admittedly we jump to five for Tron. But Tron would’ve been out of their hands, it would had to have come out when the film did and that was up to Disney, not them. Three years later RAM (maybe a year earlier to make up for the extra year wait for Tron?) And now, 2017, is the next logical time for a full length album to drop. In order for that to realistically happen they’d need to return to the limelight in 2016. A huge stretch, I know, but not impossible.

It Would (Sort of) Follow A Pattern Of Album Releases

There you have it. I know there’s an awful lot conjecture, speculation and wishful thinking in this piece, but you have to admit, when taken all together and given their history, 2016 is looking like our best chance yet for the return of Daft Punk.