5 Must-Have Apps for Dance Music Fans


With its recent rise in popularity, dance music has a fanbase that is largely made up of millenials; aka fans that love technology and social media. New phone apps are coming out basically every day and it’s hard to keep up. And if you take the large number of apps being developed, there are even more talented musicians and producers out there that have yet to be discovered. Beyond the obvious apps – Soundcloud, Spotify, etc – we’ve handpicked our 5 favorite music apps, with a focus on the idea of discovery.


This rising app is really challenging it’s competitor, Meercat, and making its mark in the social media world. Periscope is a live streaming app that allows you to follow your favorite brands and artists and see what they see. For music lovers, you can follow venues and your favorite DJs as they travel the world and spend time in the studio – if you’re lucky, you get to talk to them and ask them questions through the chat room that overlays the stream. In addition to checking in to live streams, you can host your own – whether you’re at a show or a festival, or just doing something cool, just click a few buttons and you’re live! To get you started, follow Gareth Emery, Valentino Khan, Rudimental, Ilan Bluestone, and, of course, yours truly.


Jukely is blowing up right now. At it’s most basic (free) level, it is an event discovery app. The app is active in 15 cities across the country, and growing. Find the city near you and you can see upcoming music events for everything from heavy metal to trance. Unfortunately, in order to get the full benefits, there’s a price – but it is beyond worth it. We all know how expensive it can get to see your favorite DJs at a club. For $25/month, you can attend an unlimited number of shows that are listed on Jukely. Shows don’t get announced on the app until about 60 hours prior to the event – i.e. Friday night shows are announced late Wednesday morning. You can’t beat the price – it’s cheaper than buying a single ticket to an event. We’ve only used the app in LA, but we’ve seen popular clubs like Avalon, Sound, and Exchange available so we can imagine its similar in its sister cities.


SetMine is a  web and mobile app designed for both discovering upcoming live music events and listening to fully recorded audio streams from past events. The app combines the two major desires of a dance music fan into one simple platform. So when users aren’t listening to and reliving their weekend at their favorite festival, they are looking for the next event they can attend, and this app does it all.


If you are familiar with 1001tracklist, then you would love Kuvo. This app was designed by Pioneer DJ to connect dance music fans everywhere to give real-time updates about which tracks DJs are playing in clubs all over the world. If you don’t know the song playing at the club you are currently at, this app also helps you out with that. You can follow your favorite DJs and friends as they travel the world.


OneSong has described itself “as if Instagram and Spotify had a cute little baby.” The platform links to its users’ Spotify Premium accounts and allows them to share their track of the day to their friends, almost like a status update. In combination with your friends’ “one song,” together, you make a playlist of your network. It’s a really cool concept and allows you to discover new music and understand the musical tastes of your peers.


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