calvin-harris_I created disco

Calvin Harris in 2017 is an enigma. The Scottish record producer, DJ, singer and songwriter over a period has transformed into a celebrity dating, stadium filling, richest DJ in the world according to Forbes, once upon a time he used to dance around on stage shows singing pop songs about his birth decade and throwing house parties.
No doubt he produces great music, and he has come a long, long way. However, his journey has been rather more exciting than any other DJ. While scrolling deep down the depths of a dance music subreddit’s, we discovered these videos of the man he was before he became one of the world’s best DJ / Producer. These videos show a Calvin nowhere near as famous as he is today; nevertheless, he was signed to Sony and still had an album ( I Created Disco ) which was successful. Also, he had been on Television.
However, in no universe would a label like Sony, allow one of their signed artists, no matter how small, to goof around on camera the way Calvin does in the videos below considering the importance of social media and artists being digital brands in the present day. Here’s to one of the game changers in the dance music industry A Very Happy Birthday!