Deadmau5 gives advice and tells his story 


Joel Thomas Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5, how did he land at the top of the electronic music scene? That’s what the video below explains. While the producer is lighting a cigarette through the live stream, he gives us an insight how he’s walked the path to success in his career.

It started at a party for the young Joel where he got the first-hand experience of electronic music. He found it bold and decided to go looking for a way to produce it himself. With lots of “fucking” chants, he clearly explains that it is much easier for the current generation of producers than when he started. There, was no YouTube tutorials and programs that could help you make your music.
Besides the big story which deadmau5 in trying to summarize in half an hour, he also has a message to young producers. Although the opinion is not a friendly in any way, he is the example he cites thereby perhaps to the point.
Deadmau5 quotes “Get off the fuckin internet and go do shit thing.”
By several examples, he clearly explains that the problem with doing things helps much more than watching a YouTube tutorial. According to Deadmau5, you can just create your style as you experiment producing.