How “Decent” would be the Mad Decent Party?


This sense of unfocused enthusiasm for House / Black Metal / Ghettotech / Glam/ hip-hop & trap culture, in recent years, has come to define the brand of Mad Decent as a staff, record label, and as a motherfucking crew—though they might wantonly sling hip-hop signifiers at their audience, they’re a dance label through and through, and they apply these hip-hop signifiers to EDM. Their aesthetic is best described in a single word: turnt. If you search “mad decent turnt” on Twitter, you get countless results. It’s a term that, much like the word “trap,” has essentially lost basically all of its connotations. You can get turnt in an airplane, on a boat, on top of a house, at a party, pretty much anywhere where people can logically breathe. What is involved in the process of getting turnt? Pretty much anything, it seems. You can get turnt by popping a molly; you can get turnt by twerking; you can get turnt by jumping around. The main component to getting turnt, it seems, is being in the proximity of bass-heavy dance music, preferably released by Mad Decent.


It’s easy to see why dance music fans would love Mad Decent Block Party. In the past few years, between the Harlem Shake meme, their proximity to DJ Snake’s “Turn Down for What,” RiFF RAFF, and Diplo’s forays into becoming the go-to producer for rap stars looking to weirder up their sound, Mad Decent has done to hip-hop what they were once accused of doing to Baile Funk—rendering it devoid of context and presenting it as exotic and novel to those who don’t know any better.


Over the weekend, we shall witness Diplo’s record label traveling summer concert tour. MDPG is set to take over Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore on Feb 19, 20, 21 and will feature dozens of performances by a great lineup of talent like Major Lazer, Gorgon City, Big Gigantic, Girrafage, Nucleya and more. If you think its just another dance music festival be prepared to be taken aback you will experience some shockers to your surprise some street style and plus all of the madness. More details on the tour click here.