How much of an impact does your father, Marco V have on you becoming a DJ / Producer?

Not music wise, I did everything by myself from the beginning and I am still doing it. I’ve got my own studio at my mom’s house and I’m working there almost every day when I’m free! Business wise, contracts and everything he gave and still gives me advice so that’s really helpful for me!


 What according to you is more challenging, to be in the studio and produce music or to DJ & perform at shows?

To produce music because the style of music is changing so fast lately, every 2 months there’s a total different genre on the radio…


If you needed to choose between a DJ Mag Top 100 ranking & Beatport top 10 which one would you prefer?

 DJ Mag TOP 100 ranking!


Tell us more about your weekly podcast, Federation Radio?

 I’ve got some music which I like to listen to but can’t play in my sets, for example more techno and groovy tracks. So the first 15 minutes are warm up tracks, after that I invite an upcoming artist to do a small guest mix for every episode, and also a top 3 countdown of tracks I like the most at the moment.


What does a typical day off touring mean for you?

 Making new music to play in my live sets.


Pick three tracks currently that are an absolute must in your set list?

Mark Martins – Back

Marco V – Yeahka

Hardwell & Thomas Newson – 8Fifty


Which sort of samples do you frequently use in the studio & why?

I’ve been using a lot of Cymatic packs lately.


And lastly, what can we expect more from you within the next few months to a year?

Touring a lot through Asia, working on different genres of music, a collaboration with Kill the Buzz, Sick individuals and also solo stuff!