Mau5trap brings fifth ‘We Are Friends’ compilation

© Al Powers,

Mau5trap Recordings, the label of Deadmau5, prepares for the fifth compilation of talent on the label. And “We Are Friends 005 ‘is another gem of a collection we can say! On August 12 will be the official release, bursting from the talented producer’s support of Mr. Deadmau5 can be counted.

Deadmau5 on We Are Friends 005

Deadmau5 himself can feature in this compilation; the track ‘Saved’, with a length of fewer than 10 minutes, is on the tracklist of WAF 005, which is already released. That is quite surprising because it is Deadmau5’s ‘long-awaited new single, while there is also an entirely new Deadmau5 album coming. Here you’ll find the full version of ‘Saved,’ which is worth the wait!



The tracklist is handwritten, which features tracks by ATTLAS and Rezz. Talents already regulated by Deadmau5 to have been pushed forward by the mau5trap label. There is also a remix by Matt Lange. Check below the handwritten tracklist.