It’s a known fact, the DJ Mag Top 100 rankings are not legit, and these rankings do not measure a DJ’s credibility rather an overhyped marketing campaign wherein the DJ’s, their managements and booking agencies cash in with by hiking artist fees. Many of DJs participate in this pseudo competition, but there are some who still hold on to the integrity of being faithful to their fans and the believe in making good music and performances over the misleading DJ MAG TOP 100 ranking. Laidback Luke is definitely on of them, and he has been vocal about it commenting on an Instagram post below.

Some of the facts voters need to aware of:

1) There is no legitimate manner in which the ranking is done, definitely not based on the votes.
2) Any DJ climbing the ranking aims to charge a lot more which directly results in higher ticket prices.
3) The fans vote for their favorite DJ, and the DJ’s tend to cost a lot for the organizers.

Evidence to this is the below outrage from Hardwell post the announcement of DJ MAG TOP 100 last year hinting at foul play by DVLM the current No.1 DJ’s in the world who replaced the Dutch heavyweight in 2015

Hardwell on DJ Mag

Conclusion: Do not vote for the DJ’s who actively campaign on social media with their click baits and evidently have hiked up their prices over the years adding to the woes of the promoters & fans. Save your vote, save your money! Vote Intelligently.