Future house fanatic Oliver Heldens has a great music sense. With number 8 position in the popularity list, DJ Mag Top 100 and his unique sound, he knows how to attract fans and with his other alias ‘Hi-Lo’ too has many an enormously loyal following. Under both names he regularly produces music. His latest release is out and is out now under the nameĀ Oliver Heldens, and the track is very innovative.
The song is called ‘Good Life’ with vocals by Ida Corr and the instrumental section of Oliver sounds brilliant. The song starts with an intro that builds up slowly towards a climax. The piano is groovy, and the soft beat underneath makes the first part of the song just perfect. The drop takes you a few years back to the disco time. Oliver has perfectly executed this track and without having to give up his iconic sound. The bass penetrates into the track which makes it a complete production.
The Oliver track can be heard below: