The American Hustle and hip-hop giant DJ Khaled performance at the Electric Daisy Carnival were all over the web from yesterday night post its uncertain outcomes. The event in Las Vegas, Nevada was allegedly sabotaged and took a toll on the 3-day music festival due to sound issues, as quoted by attendees and artists.
Following the reports of DJ Khaled’s show being booed at during his performance due to technical problems, Khaled opened up tweeting:
They🚷 Tried to sabotage my sound so many times THEY could not get the sound right on my set and i still stood on stage wit no sound and when they got the sound to work they want cut my set short but I still rep for my people anyone else would walk off stage [sic],” Khaled said on Instagram early Monday morning. “I knew my California and Vegas fans was in the building .. THEY🚷 DONT WANT US TO WIN SO WE WIN MORE FOR THERE HEAD TOP!!! It’s all luv thoe .. love is the 🔑.. I forgive them … love is always the answer!”


In another post on Instagram, DJ Khaled was grateful to his fans for their support during the unprecedented event. “They cut my time short and they had me back stage for a hour and half and the sound kept breaking [sic],” Khaled said, sharing a clip of the audience shouting his name:

The other artists such as Marshmello, Yellow Claw and Paul Oakenfold who performed at the EDC event having commented anything yet over the incident.
Phew, a controversial event indeed.